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Calypso Announces the Enlightened Leader

The Enlightened Leader

Lessons From China on the Art of Executive Coaching This much-needed new book is one of the very first books written in English specifically focused on executive coaching in China. Drawing on his many years’ experience of working with both Chinese and Western executives, Frank Gallo explains the underpinnings of Chinese culture, how these impact the approach to coaching, and how typical best Western coaching practices may need to be modified in China. Unrivalled, this new book covers in detail the issues that executives in China must know how to deal with, highlighting nine key lessons. Each of these lessons is backed up by interview comments from foreign and Chinese executive coaches, several case examples, and key learnings. The Enlightened Leader provides company executives and their coaches with an invaluable road map to successful coaching for leadership roles in the new China.

“I find that Frank Gallo’s insights help me to make sense of the cultural experience and differences between my western training and Chinese management style. Since Frank has lived and worked in China for over a decade he has a depth of insight into the cultural imperatives which shape the behavior of Chinese managers. His goal is to harmonize those actions with Western management. Only someone with such a deep understanding of both cultures can accomplish this.”

Paul Platten, Global Head of Consulting, Willis Towers Watson.


“Frank Gallo beautifully illustrates how culture affects leadership development – providing rich content for leaders and those coaching leaders in China. His compelling case studies give powerful insights into how Chinese leaders can grow in self-awareness and discover enlightened leadership. From his extensive experience Frank then presents clear guidelines for effective coaching in China, in a discussion that goes beyond competencies, to embrace culture, spirituality and our shared humanity.”

Robin Ball, Managing Director, Management Development Services Ltd, Hong Kong.


“It’s great to see a book on Executive Coaching in China as China is rapidly developing its coaching pool. We need coaching experts to provide guidance. Frank Gallo’s book provides practical information, cases and stories, which will be useful for those who coach, select coaches, or want to be coached.”

Jeremy Perks, Managing Director, Mindset Matters Group.


“This insightful resource is a must read for all cross-cultural coaches and consultants particularly those interested in working with people in Chinese-influenced cultures

Shane Warren, Chair of the Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaches Public Relations Committee.